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Our production center is located in Spain, and covers an area of more than 3,500 m2 dedicated to the design, testing and manufacture of our solutions both standard and special executions.

Specialists in customized solutions of HVAC air conditioning systems.

We study, develop, manufacture and market HVAC products for the applications required by our customers, with a special focus on Air Treatment Units and Heat Recuperators. The solutions we propose range from primary air renewal systems to solutions with high technical demands.

L.C.I., in recent times, has achieved an exceptional reputation due to the variety of projects executed both nationally and internationally.

The technical department of L.C.I., is constantly working on the development of new products to meet the demand of the most demanding world markets. We also have a team of qualified professionals willing to offer you the best technical advice.

Our equipment is installed in a multitude of Hospitals, Office Buildings, Factories, Hotels, Public Centers, Pharmaceuticals, Shopping Centers, Laboratories, Exhibition Venues, among others. Although most of our units are intended for Comfort installations, we are also highly qualified in the realization of units for industrial process facilities. We have advanced computer programs for the design and calculation of units. Among our customers are most of the major Spanish installers.








Climatización Industrial, S.L. was born in May 2002, with the aim of manufacturing Centrifugal fans and performs that work for a year and a half, during which time works as representative as El Corte Inglés in San Chinarro (Madrid) were carried out.

From the middle of the year 2003 to the year 2008, our activity is diversified in different areas such as the assembly of ducts, realization of turnkey workers with the contribution of Air Treatment Units, acoustic enclosures, maintenance of fans and different technical assistance services .

From 2008 to the present, our main objective is the manufacture of Air Treatment Units, for which we have launched the Compack unit, with its special design and very good price.







The quality certifications provide confidence to the client, the consumer and the suppliers, since in an increasingly competitive market they represent a differentiation from the rest of the competing companies, at the same time as improving the image of the products or the services offered. , and the reputation and image of the company itself. The extraordinary quality of the entire range of L.C.I. products is guaranteed by different national and international certifications such as the ISO 9001 certification through this certificate, informing clients and competent authorities that our equipment complies with current legislation at national level and current European directives.
Quality certifications contribute to the company gaining market share and access to foreign markets, some of which already request these certifications to allow access.
L.C.I. is currently processing the EUROVENT certification for its range of Air Treatment Units, with this certification will strengthen the confidence of customers through a common platform that ensures the integrity and accuracy of the information provided.

Also L.C.I. complies with all EU Ecodesign standards 1253/2014 of ECODESIGN,
The COMPACK air treatment units have been designed with the aim of complying and standards: